Four of the six Art House Studio (my new name for our basement!) crew are going to be at the Granite Creek Vineyards Mother’s Day Wine and Art Show this weekend (Sat and Sun 11 to 5). What? You didn’t know there was a winery in Chino Valley? For $10 you get to listen to live music, taste some great wine, keep the glass and see our wares. It’ll be me, Alexis Corelis, Sandy McGarry and Shannon Miller…. Cindi Shaffer will be on the Prescott Courthouse Square at the Mountain Artist Guild Show so check that one out, too! Mom can never have enough jewelry…


I designed the bridal headpiece above as a prototype and ended up using it in my Beading Projects book as a step-by-step project. I decided to try a quick French Beaded Flower pin for Mother’s Day. I can see it in lots of bright spring colors… Time to get to work in the studio!

Happy Spring y’allĀ  (it’s finally here in Prescott)!

The typical image of the 1920s “Flapper” showed a long string of pearls (I mean, LONG), often knotted, but if you’re into vintage jewelry you know that there were lots of variations. Some of these necklaces had tassels at the end, some were quite colorful. I’m having fun doing a variation on this style using semi-precious and glass beads with seed beads in between. You can wear them long or double up, knot them or not. I hope to have a bunch more made for my first public show of the season at Chino Valley’s Granite Creek Winery Mother’s Day weekend. Hope to see some of you there!

The Wednesday beading group got together and put on a reception/jewelry show this past weekend. Not all of us could make it, but the four that did had a blast. The margaritas and mimosas didn’t hurt! Kudos to Alexis Corelis, Sandy McGarry, Shannon Miller and a myself for getting it all together. Thanks, Shannon, for remembering the camera.

A partial view of my table with Obi Kenobi guarding the wares.

We plan on having another studio show in June, so Watch This Space for further details.

Catching Up!

Wow, so much happens and time gallops ahead. So what’s happened since last year? Well, first we built a studio in the basement. Big deal for me. I’ve never had a “woman cave.”

“Pardon My Dust” doesn’t begin to describe it! This is the tearing apart, digging out phase:

But this is what the finished product looks like (is it EVER really FINISHED?):

What a fun place to work and play!

007Some of you know I have a weekly beading group at my house. Well, we invited a glass artist and wire wrapper extraordinaire, Sandy McGarry, to teach us how to do a wire wrapped cabochon. Now this technique uses square and half round sterling silver half-hard wire, not the round wire I’m used to working with. I’ve done lots of wire work, but not this particular technique. My beady friend, Bobbi Wicks, and I loved our first attempts and would like to try some more. My only beginner’s faux pas was to mar the wire with my pliers. If you look close, you can see it, but then…what are you doing with your eyes that close to my chest??? I’m actually quite pleased with this first one in spite of its flaws. The cabochon is Labradorite, just in case you were wondering (I know. I can read your minds…). All the supplies were purchased at Arizona Gems and Minerals in Prescott Valley. Don even got the special flat nose pliers I ordered for the class into the store on time!

Latest PMC Project

Latest PMC Project

I took another PMC class with Cindi Shaffer at her beautiful studio in the Prescott pines along with fellow beader Sandy McGarry and we had a ball as always. This time we worked with clay rolled thinner, set a stone, did a rolled bail, and added layered elements. What fun! Can’t wait until the PMC Certification class being given by Tonya Davidson at Karen Van Price‘s studio here in Prescott in October. Can’t get enough of this stuff!